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Anyone have an extra Car pass for Knotts?

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I'm thinking about driving down to the show and would like to enter one of my cars. Anyone have an extra pass?
Thanks Paul
925 216 5002

Fred Morgan:
Paul get a hold of Alberto [pintopower] he may be able to find you 1.  Fred   :)

Thanks Fred, I've already been in touch with Alberto, he might know of one but we won't know till Sat. I am in Nor-Cal and it's about 300+ mile drive I don't want to come down without conformation.
Thanks Again Paul

I would plan on being at the show.  Even if you do not have a pass, you can still hang out with everyone and who knows, there might be a way for you to get into the show after all.

Come on, you know you want to.   

Hey Paul,

I'm driving down Friday night. Sorry, don't have an extra pass, but it would be cool if you came down.



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