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2010 Faboulus Fords Forever

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Ok Guys and Gals, This Year's Fab Fords show at Knotts Berry farm will be Sunday April 25th. Mark you calander and wax your cars.
More news later.

Fred Morgan:
WAX I am a long ways from that.  Fred   ;D

Hi Brad: Thanks for the heads up. It's on my calendar.  I'll be bringing the 74 wagon this year if all goes well. Regards, Joe in Morgan Hill, CA

I can't wait to go!!!  I'll probably be bringing Green Meanie, as Wildfire is still down and out. Kimmy, here's your chance to meet the inspiration for your wagon collection! lol.  ;D

I know it Becky! I sure hope I can talk hubby into going again!! I had a good time last time, but this time I'm leaving the dog at home! To hot for her! You watch it will be cold this time! LOL


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