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Ok, I have a link to photobucket with some of my pictures in a slide show. Enjoy

Lost Coz:
After looking thru Brad's pictures, most of the one's I took are the same, but I do have a couple that are different...

I tried posting some other photo's at this link...   

Mike, Brad, and Tony baking in the bright sun and the other is at the front of Brad's ride and the best side of Tony.

Congratulation s to everyone who took the time, and did such a fine job on their cars. What a wonderful, historical and unique gathering. One day, I'll make it - with my own car. THANKS for posting the link, incredible!!


My #$!%^&*@ digi camera.s memory card holds only 20 pix, and I'm unable to locate better cards and too cheap to get a more modern camera so I ended up using almost all the card at Carrows.

Brown Ghost's Car Alarm.


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