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--- Quote from: blupinto on April 20, 2009, 11:26:55 PM ---Brown Ghost's Car Alarm.

--- End quote ---

Becky, Can you email me a original pic of the car alarm??? I want to see the larger version of it!!!  ;D


thanks for the great pictures.  After vieing these cars i realize just how raddey my car is and how far I have got to go on it.  Ahhh  job security... :lol:

The pictures look GREAT!!!  Sure wish I could have been there!  Thanks for sharing!

Dwayne :smile:

Ok, here are some of mine. I was trying to upload them all, but I goofed, then I couldn't figure out which one's had already loaded to which one's didn't, and I didn't want a bunch of doubles! LOL I took over 150 pics!!!! Alot to go through to look for doubles! LOL They are also not in order!

Here is a very short video of when we came out of Carrows. I didn't get everybody cause hubby said that a bunch were not even in their cars, and he wanted to get going!! Sorry!!

I wish I would have taken more video, but once we got there, I was trying to get the car ready, and I forgot all about video! LOL

Hubby and Dazi say they had a good time!!  ;D

Wow, Kim!
     What a great Photobucket layout! Love the sparkles! :hypno:


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