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Ready to Roll

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Post your ready to Roll pictures here.

Oh man, I took them with my other camera and left it at home!!! Won't be able to post them till I get back!! LOL We are in the motels as of right now and yes I do have my other cameras!! :D

Ok, here are my ready to roll pics!!!

And here we are rolling!! LOL

If you look close, we are at the far left of the trailer.

I'll have pics of the event later!!

Lost Coz:
We were just getting on the freeway for the 600 mile trek south.


   I believe we saw that same combination on the I-5 freeway heading toward LA. I couldn't get the camera ready for a tail end shot before we were passed. Thanks for the smile's and wave's.

Pinto's are cool!

I had better hopes for this shot. I'm on the roll on 5 North going through the Camp Pendleton area. Dawn was breaking. There was confidence and pride in the air...


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