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Made it!!


Well, we made it to Knotts! The car rode really well on the trailer!! Yep and I'm not ashamed to have a trailer queen, just shows that I lover her and don't want to put her threw that abusive drive1!! LOL

No pics yet. It was pretty warm when we first got here and the room wasn't ready so we had to stay outside. We drove around trying to find everyone that was stuffing bags, but didn't find out till it was to late, where they were at. So I missed Becky and the Green JuJu Bean! :(  I did get to meet Joe and his wife and also Chris!! They have some nice looking Pintos!!!

We got our room at about 3pm. I smuggled Dazi in the room stuffed inside a purple beach bag that we bought at Walgreens, while waiting for the room to become available! LOL So if you see me going in out of the hotel with that beach bag, don't stop and talk to me, I"m trying to make a dash out of the hotel!! LOL After getting her in, we had a problem with the toilett >:( and I had to smuggle her back out while hubby waited for the maintenance crew to show up! Then I had to resmuggle her back in again! We are staying in till just about dark, then we will smuggle her back out and go for a walk!

 We weren't planning on bringing her when we first reserved the room. If I would have known in time, I would have gotten a Motel that one can enter and exit out of the room door, instead of having to go through a hall way! LOL  If she wouldn't have become an escape artist, I would have left her home, but I just didn't want to take the chance. We had a little guy that got out once and he was hit by a car. I didn't want to go through that with my Dazi!!

Well, that has been my adventure so far. I look forward to meeting the rest of you that are coming tomorrow!!! See you at Carrows!!


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