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Fabulous Fords 2009 Video

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I'm glad everyone likes the video.
It was certainly fun to put to together.

That is an awesome production!!! Great work on putting that together!!

Sometimes you pass by a thread because you think it won't interest you.

DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO!!!!!! :hypno:

That was incredible - what an excellent production. Sadly, I just watched it at work, did not have speakers - but it was still worth it.

People's jaws had to be dropping to see that caravan of cars pass by!!!!!!

From the rusty and worn, to the shiny and original, to the tastefully modified, to the variety of body styles, this group had just about everything.

What I am always amazed by is the lack of 76's out there. Man, I can't wait to get mine done!

Wow, wow, wow. My particular favorite? That sedan at the end - there's just something so neat, so "70's" about that yellow/green color.

Thanks for the effort - an effort like this is tough to beat!!


So whos the Singer?! the first song

I believe the singer for the first song is Shuana Wells, she's a folk singer that isn't too well known..

haha, I love the enthusiasm popbumper!
thank you!


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