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After the Show

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Well, the show was great!!! and HOT...!!!!!!!!
I will post some pics in a little while.
35 cars in the show and 1 outside ( Im counting the car outside. ;) )

What a day!  The sun just about killed me, but it was great to finally meet everybody and see their rides in person.  Thanks to turbopinto72 for coming through with the window the car looks complete.  Oh...I can't remember who I was talking to about the rollcage in my '72, but it was made by Autopower Industries.

It was worth the heat!  :o

"Welcome aboard, this is your Captain speaking."  I got my picture taken in the "Flying Pinto!"  ;D  Thanks Tony.

It was great talking "Pinto's" with all of you that I met.  Hopefully, next year, my Pinto will be there too.


Wow! What a weekend!

       Volunteering yesterday was not only fun (to me), but I'll be happy to do it again next year ;D ! But today... I had an absolute BLAST!!! I met some wonderful people and saw some real beautiful Pintos (no Bobcats?) and while I cooked myself well-done in the baking sun I would do it all again. Well, next time I'm bringing the BIG I got to (finally!) meet my long-lost (tall, blonde) sister and met the legendary Alberto and soooooo many other people I would be proud to call my friends.

        This morning, while approaching Carrow's parking lot and spotting Wildfire's very close relatives I told my copper queen, with tears in my eyes, "We made it, Baby. We have arrived!"  :)

Oh, and I want to say Thank You to those who believe in me and encouraged me to get Wildfire up and running and me to bring my Pinto girls to Buena Park. Thank you all for making today a most wonderful day! I had a blast! But now, I have to wait another year... :'( sniff to do it again!  ;)


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