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After the Show

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Howdy all,
 To those of you who could attend,  :drunk: It sounds like it was a real Hoot, a "toasty" one but great nonetheless.

 Becky, Just think how much improvements you'll take to next year's show with maybe Both Pintos!

 Because I was with you guys in spirit,I went out and Pulled the car cover off my racer and Popped a Cold one (90deg here). Then I went inside for a cooler view of the Long Beach GP.

 Here's to next year and all the good vibe's in between... :drunk:

 Pintosopher, In the Stable, but planning his escape.. :fastcar:

Even if all went well and I could bring both, that's gonna be a feat... when there's two of them (Pintos) and only one of me... :lol:... and if I am a Mustang II martyr by this time next year then I'll have three cars and still... only one me. MIIs were nonexistent this year on the tarmac with us commoners but I hear there was one in the grassy area.  :drunk:

And Pintosopher, while you're in the stable planning your escape (not like the Pina Colada Song) be like the Pony She Named Wildfire and bust down your stall.  :D

"She ran calling Wildfire......  ;D "  Sorry to hijack the thread but I am a fan of Michael Martin Murphy" and had origially named my wagon "Wildfire" after the song (red, pony  ;D ) but I am glad I changed it.

I am glad everyone had a great time. I am sure our mini meet at Milwaukee will be fun

I like Michael Martin Murphey too. That's my favorite song of his, and it still chokes me up because of the tragedies within. My Wildfire isn't red but her copper color, while crazed, is passionate and fiery!  :D

Lost Coz:
Many thanks to all the fine Pinto folks we met at the show. My wife and I had a great time and took lots of pictures. I will post some of them later as we just arrived back in the mountains off of Shasta Lake. It was fairly hot down there, but that didn't stop the enthusiasm. Pinto people are a great bunch! Hope everyone got back home safely.

Pinto's are cool!

Mike aka Lost Coz


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