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After the Show

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OK and now the details. We all met at Carrows for breakfast, and as usual the manager did not tell the servers that we would be there so they had to call in for reinforcements  ;D
Had a great breakfast with about 40 people...Whoo Hooo....
Pintony had a quiz for us so we past those out and I had prepared an " expert" class quiz for the brains of the group.
And the winners are..... Barth for the expert class and Emily's Dad won the novice class. Both winners received PCCA shirts.

At the show we had a surprise visit from Scott Hamilton.

HOT HOT HOT was the word for the day. My temp gauge in my truck was 102 when I got in it at 3:30ish.

There was 35 pintos at the show and one in the parking lot ( so I counted it )

Wow! What a great time I had, what a fun drive it was, the little yellow Runabout has a sweet spot at 80mph :fastcar: and I tried to keep her there most of the way, I saw very few CHP'S :0). It was a pleasure meeting everyone, I hope everyone had as good of a time as myself. I was glad to meet the folks from back east Brian,Dale,Scott,Tony wow what die hards.
Thanks for the great time, you SO-Cal guys are great hosts.

Excellent, terrific, super !! Another really cool car show with all the Pintos and 1800 other Fords. Thanks to all our PCCA members that helped put this on ( Brad, Barth, Pintony, Alberto, etc. ) It was also a super big surprise when Scott Hamilton snuck in the back door; thanks for attending and all the work you do for us. And all the NEW Pinto people- WOW !! Did I mention Awesome- Fran and I had a very good time. Joe in Morgan Hill, CA


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