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Who will Be Going?

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I will be there with my 73 Pangra and maybe my 72 2.5 turbo car :)

Would be Sooo cool to have some members Caravan to California this year!!!
 Tercin??? Rkk??? Sky??? Pintoguy76??? Zorlorg??? Pintaro??? Fcannon???
From Pintony

i will be bringing my 77 wagon along with whole bunch of pintos from northern ca. lets see if we can really break that magical 40+ pinto mark. gotta love that!  chris

Fran and I will be there with our 71 V8 Pinto with its shiney new bumpers (thanks to Barth and Alberto)  !!   Joe

I will be there with the following cars:
Christine, Hughie, Betty, Alice, Coln, Mustard and MAYBE Veronica (although she may be getting painted). If you do not know which cars those are, I suggest you attend the show.
My friend Thomas will be there with his 72 as well.

chrisf1219 - Can't wait to see you there this year!

redmustangman3 - Your welcome! Anything for a fellow pinto lover!


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