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Who will Be Going?

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 :2fast4u: :tgif:Hi everyone,

           Well another year and the car shows are starting. I plan to be at Knotts and I will be at Del Mar. My car is the 71 with the mickey Thompson's on the back and the 460 in front. haven't done much to it but did go for a ride on the 1/8 mile. Turned a 7.60 just getting use to the car. It handled great so next visit I'll adjust the 4 link and blast off. Well I'll do my best to represent our little pintos to everyone, car shows are great to show our cars of the past. P.S. I'll be at Temecula Rod Run on March 8th so the pinto will be at large. See you soon Dan.

I will be their with my pro street 71 hatch back.

Old Dog Dave is staying on the PORCH this year... ;D ;D ;D

I'll be there baby's, just look for me and my entourage..  I'll be wearing a fur coat, crushed velvet purple hat with a pink feather,  alligator skin shoes with rhinestones and all.  Oh yeah and a couple Pintos too!  I'll be towing them in with my 68' Caddy Eldorado. 
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I will be there...mailin g out the entry form Tmrw, Monday. First test for the T-5 swap I just did. See you guys and gals there.


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