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Pintony goes to Knotts Berry 08

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Hey Pintony, and group
 Well , by now you may be on the road, and it's a long road to our fair state  with the Knott in the southland. I pose a query to the group,
Will we be selling gas for $4.00 (87 octane ) by the time he gets out here? 
The news just confirmed $113 a barrel crude and our stations are changing prices by the Hour. I think it might be a worthy cause to create a distance fund for those making the long haul from out of state.
 It would appear that he and others might need it just to get back to home!

 I know we're all taking it in the shorts on fuel cost, what do you all think?

 With great concern..


Hi Folks:

Well, Pintony has made it to Rolla, Mo which is about 100 miles down the road from
St. Louis.  He got here around 11:00 a.m. and stopped by the Steak & Shake.  Met
Pintony for the first time, great guy and has a nice red wagon.  Got a few parts from
him and of course talked a few minutes about Pintos!  What else would we talk about?   ;D


Tony! got a hair cut! I knew but just haven't seen a picture yet  ;)

almost looks respectable  :lol:

Safe Travels Tony!

Tony rolled into Tulsa, OK Tuesday night about 9 PM. I will post a pic tonight. He had a little ping and made a timing adjustment on the road. As he put it, he loosened with lockdown nut on the distributor, gave it a tug and went whew! Now where in the world was this thing? He timed it by ear but still had a little ping.

Here's the cool part, I got my timing light out of the garage, the one I bought in 1973, the one I timed all my Pinto's with back in the day. He had it sitting about 25 degrees before TDC, oops!. Set it to about 8 BTDC, hopefully he's rolling in his Pinto in fine fashion today.

Scott, my old school timing light from back in the day had the honor of timing your little red wagon back to health!. Tony corrected me and said it is now his car, but it will always be Scott's little red wagon to me!



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