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Pintony goes to Knotts Berry 08

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--- Quote from: Original74 on April 16, 2008, 12:56:32 PM ---hopefully he's rolling in his Pinto in fine fashion today.
--- End quote ---

I talked to him earlier and he said.... MUCH!! BETTER!! after timing it up and lubing the carb  ;D

Go Tony Go!

Scott Hamilton:
Nope--it's still my car..Tony is just borrowing it!  :)

Fred Morgan:
HI pinto people, just got off ph. with Pintony 11:20 AM pac. time, he is a few mi. east of Kingman AZ on RT 66, his average spd. is 50 mph.. The truck's must be running him over. Fred   :fastcar: TRUCK    ??? :hypno:  PINTONY

Fred, I think it is all about driving a Pinto uphill! He will do much better heading east next week.


Hey Fred,
 Thanks for the update. I was about to suggest that we start a thread titled:
" Where in the world is Pintony?"  We could then follow his progress (GPS anyone?). Maybe we could enlist the help of a westbound LA destination Trucker to run a "rabbit draft" for him :o
  How about a mast and sail for the return trip? Or... a V8 conversion before he leaves :smile:
 Maybe we should start Vegas Odds on his arrival time ( ala Cannonball run!)
  This could be an annual event..

 With all due respect, he's doing the right thing for the community :angel:



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