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Knotts Weekend Planning

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Just a brief description of the weekend events.
Saturday: There will be a BBQ at Albertos house, all are invited.
                 The Ford car club has asked for volunteer's to show up at the show and stuff give away bags. This was the only condition to being given our own class. I know there are a few folks already going.

Sunday: 7:00 am meet at Carrows for breakfast and fun and games/give aways.
              8:30 am caravan to the show.
              3:00 pm show is over.
              3:15 pm caravan to a dinner house for some grub.

More details will be announced as we get closer to the show. Stay tuned.

On the Saturday Prior to the show, please feel free to come by my house to wash up your cars and eat and hang out. I will need to be contacted asap to know how many people will be attending so that I can buy food. If you want to bring drinks, or sweets thats fine! my address is

1026 S. Valinda Ave,
West Covina, CA 91790

Also, if you want to stay the night or meet at my house in the morning, we will be caravanning to the show. We will leave at 6:00 am from my house. Please have your car full of gas before you get there. If you are late, you are driving alone, THOMAS, BRIAN, AND BARTH, not to point fingers.


Sir Hugh:
Just to correct my brother and so no one gets lost... Our address is 1026 So. Valinda Ave.I CANNOT wait to see everyone and all the precious little Pintos.

Ah yes! Thank you sister. Here is my address again

1026 South Valinda Ave.
West Covina, CA, 91790


This all starts at 11am.


Ok , I have booked Carrows restaurant for 7:00 am on the 20th. I guess they have a new policy that they do not take reservations on Sundays now. However after I told the nice lady that about 25 people will be arriving all at the same time demanding food she reconsidered.  ;D  Last year there were a few that arrived later and still got fed but I would encourage all of us to try and get to the restaurant early. I know the galaxy club will try and beat us to the punch and scam our seats so we need to get there on time this year.


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