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After the show after glow...

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THANX,for the great pics Brad.It must of been a blast

The reaction the Disco Pinto received was nothing short of astonishing. From time to time through out the show I would stand back and watch the the people gather around the front of the car in amazement. It brought a smile to most spectaters faces as well as tons of photographs. In fact I would speculate this was easily the most photographed vehicle out of the 1800+ in attendance.


The Disco Pinto:
  I think there is a song in the making, "I fell like DRIVING..., Driving..., driving...    Yeaaa"

To everyone who brought their Pinto's:
Many thanks.  Given the price of gas your financial sacrifice is appreciated.   I enjoyed talking to you all.

To Fred:
 Thanks for doing the pedal swap. All the best with your projects.

Show "moment":
 When I introduced myself to Pintony and he thought I was the guy he had recently made "comments" about.  He stepped back and half seriously asked if I was going to take a swing at him.  :o
 When I explained to him I wasn't that guy, but simply the guy who bought the white, '73 wagon out of San Francisco back in Oct. we had a nice talk about our Pinto's.  Sorry to bring it up, but from my perspective (I'm often thought to be "the other guy") it was amusing.

By the way, I just noticed in the pictures from Turbopinto72 that Pintony's car was in a handicapped space. I hope he didn't get a ticket!


I'm wondering about how the guy with the Mustang turbine/hurricane wheels on his Pinto managed to do it without rubbing his A-arms?

Man that disco Pinto cracks me up!!!!! Way cool. Pintony knows how to surf?????



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