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Photos From Carlisle---

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Scott Hamilton:
A Big thanks to my wife Stephanie for taking these pictures and posting all the specifics of each...

Also a BIG thanks to Bill Rainey for hosting this year's show,;cat=3

Scott, it was a pleasure meeting you this year. It's been lots of fun, even though I didn't have my car. Proof positive it's about the people & not just the cars.

Scott Hamilton:
Matt- It was great to meet you and you Dad... Hope you get your car going for next year..

Absolutely awesome!  Wish I coulda been there too...

phils toys:
Stephanie, you beet me to getting pic up . Great job  with the pics.
It was a pleasure meeting old friends and making a few new ones.
Once again  sorry we had to bail early   :(    but we did make  it home safe
Phil, Katherine, and Celesta.


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