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Made it in today


Well, after a later start than I wanted to Dad & I made it to Carlisle today. We rolled in around 4:30, in time to see Phil (phils toys) pulling out. I saw Connie & Bill at the Pinto section, as well as Scott. It was nice to meet him. Tomorrow morning we will be getting there earlier, and hopefully be able to get some parts for the Pinto. May she enjoy the time off cuz once I can I'm getting back to work on her.

phils toys:
in time to see Phil (phils toys) pulling out.
  hay  i was not leaving just heading out to watch the drags   :fastcar:   
I recomend anyone getting the chance to go watch them  the track was much better this  year than last.
Phils toys.

Yeah, I hear ya. I put the post up before I found out you were at the drags on Friday Night. Sorry to hear you had to leave last night.  Was still nice to see you again at the show.


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