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Carlisle Rules Clarification


Due to numerous questions on the matter, and with what seemed to be slightly conflicting information on-line and when I contacted them (not Don) earlier this year, I decided to talk to Don Surgert directly. He is the Carlisle official that has the final word when it comes to car classification s.  We had a very good conversation, and he provided me with detailed clarification of the answers I was looking for, and more.

Although the management tries not to get involved when they can avoid it, they will when there are questions made like there were at this event. They try to have it a ‘common sense’ thing, and attempt to keep it as simple as possible. I fully understand why they handle it this way, but it does leave some ‘gray areas’ for the rest of us.

The following information is what I was told by Don.

In a nutshell:

Stock Class:
For a car to be legal for a “stock” class, it must LOOK stock, BUT they will allow SOME minor modifications without the car being bumped into the modified class (as mentioned on the website in the terms of ‘up to 3 modifications’, but only for minor ones; there are modifications that automatically bump a car to modified). These modifications are not limited to, but include: wheels/tires, aftermarket stereo systems, CB radios, gauges, and/or other minor cosmetic touches. These items will not automatically bump the car into a modified class, however they can IF they are taken to an extreme (I.E.- more than the ‘normal’ amount of stereo speakers/equipment, if wheel wells or suspension need altering to accommodate aftermarket wheels/tires, more than one or two ‘dress-up’ items, full custom paint color/type/graphics,...). That being said, IF the car has an elaborate sound system that has all the ‘non-stock looking’ items hidden, say in the trunk, AND the trunk lid remains closed during ALL the judging, it will NOT bump the car into modified. If it is discovered that a car owner violates this and displays those items, they will be disqualified for that show. This will also apply to a car that has engine or engine bay modifications (non-stock carb., intake, air can, excessive chrome, headers, and/or other swaps), but otherwise the car is fully stock in appearance when the hood is shut, and it STAYS shut; there is no rule that hoods and trunks need to be open for judging. Also, if all the engine modifications are FULLY internal (camshaft, pistons, porting,...), but it LOOKS stock on the outside, it will NOT bump the car to modified. For interiors: gauges, temp., oil, and the like are fine (depending), but large 'racing' tach.s or ‘race set-ups’ will bump the car to modified. Seat slip covers, floor mats, and the like are fine for stock (depending), but non-stock material re-upholstering, or custom items will bump the car to modified. They will also look at some otherwise MINOR modifications to be 'period correct' for that year (I.E. 20" wheels on a 60's car will bump to modified even with NO other modifications) Again, 3 or less MINOR modifications that are visible is fine for stock (the car LOOKING stock to the average observer is the INTENT of the rule), all others get bumped into the modified class.

Modified Class:
ANY car that is modified beyond 'stock' as described above is legal for this class, to include ANY cars deemed as “racecars”.

Race-car Class:
The 'Racecar Class' was started a few years ago by Carlisle Events to have a class for HEAVILLY race-modified cars to be judged in other than the ‘modified’ class for that car type. This was due to controversy in numerous modified classes when the majority of the cars have lesser modifications that bump them out of stock, but not excessive modifications or the financial investments made in them. The Carlisle staff will NOT bump any car to the racecar class like they will for the modified class, but they hope that racecar owners use this class to avoid any potential issues that might arise otherwise; the vast majority of racecar owners do use this class. Also, a car that is registered in this class can be parked with the stock and/or modified cars of the same type.

All Classes:
The dash card does not need to be visable if the car owner wishes, and/or a sign can be posted on a car requesting that it not be voted for.

If anyone has any questions, I can answer them as I could not go into ALL the detail of the conversation between Don and I at one sitting. Also, anyone can contact Carlisle Events or Don directly, and please feel free to quote me from this thread (sorry Don if I spelled your name wrong).



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