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For those that don't go to All Ford Show at Carlisle, you don’t know what you’re missing. They have things to do for the entire family; Aside from thousands of cars to see in the show field, there is a HUGE swap meet, a 4X4 rock crawl area, a burn-out competition, a chassis dyno, vender displays, kids play area, indoor displays, a ‘For Sale’ area, and much more.

IMHO: You won’t find a better show with a specific PINTO classes, and PCCA gets a tent for us to gather in right next to our Pintos.

All Pintos are welcome; they need not be “show” cars (my tan one was FAR from a show car when I brought it there), if you don’t have a Pinto with you, stop in to see us anyway and show your support of PCCA and your fellow Pinto ‘people’.

Please check out Carlisle’s website for further details:

Please remember to include "Pinto Car Club of America" on your form when you register.

Be a part of the best PCCA event EVER!!

See you there!!

BTW: I mentioned this before, but I will again; I will 'chair' or assist with organizing PCCA's members involvement the same way I did in 2007 (I will even try to do better). If anyone else would like to do it, or even co-chair, please let me know. As soon as I have more details about what PCCA is doing this for year, I will post them.


I registered Connie and myself for Carlisle today, and I also got the ball rolling for the tent.

One thing I noticed this year; there was information about what makes a car “stock”, “modified” or a “racecar”. They might have had the same details last year, but I don’t think it was as obvious. It says that a ‘stock’ car has 3 or less modifications, a modified car has 4 or more, but it does not say what a ‘modification’ is, however, it gives some clear details for ‘racecars’. I know there were a few questions about this at the last event, so it might be a good idea to talk about it before the event.

Wheels? Tires? Paint? Chrome? Tachometer?.........

Any thoughts?


I would say that aftermarket repair parts don't count as "mods". Nor would converting to electronig ignition, as long as OEM style parts are used. Mods would be more obvious upgrades, like an MSD box.

So If I installed only a 302, C4, and 8" that 3 mods? Would I still qualify as "stock"?  :showback: For "Judged shows" HEHEHE

My point exactly.

I think that COULD be looked at as only one, because Pintos came with C4s and 8" rears. The only thing about it is that you have to make a few "modifications" to install "a" V8 in a Pinto.

Some might argue that changing to aftermarket wheels is '4' modifications too.

Is changing the color and putting on graphics consitered 2?

This is a 'peoples choice' type event.


Well, if that's the case then even my Pinto isn't gonna be stock. Roller cam, black interior instead of tan, different wheels than what was on, 8" rear end, Mustang II console... I say it doesn't matter. Too much emphasis is put on the classes like that, atleast among Pintos.

Once I get the cash I'm gonna get registered for Carlisle. Gonna get the hotel room reserved in a couple more weeks.


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