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Good evening all,
                I'm all set for Carlisle this year,got my hotel and show field pass all set. See you all there soon!

I'm going this year & was wondering if anyone from Ohio is planning on meeting up anywhere?

We are set as well.

I started this a few days ago before I noticed the new headers:,8587.0.html

In that thread I mentioned the clasifications of cars on registration form.

 "One thing I noticed this year; there was information about what makes a car “stock”, “modified” or a “racecar”. They might have had the same details last year, but I don’t think it was as obvious. It says that a ‘stock’ car has 3 or less modifications, a modified car has 4 or more, but it does not say what a ‘modification’ is, however, it gives some clear details for ‘racecars’. I know there were a few questions about this at the last event, so it might be a good idea to talk about it before the event."


At this point I'm just trying to figure out if my Dad will be joining me for the Ford show. He & I went to the Chrysler show this year & we had a lot of fun. Might as well drive him crazy with all the Pintos this year in June. Might be heading down on Friday, like he & I did this past July.

 Carlisle is a big place, but i'm sure i'll have no problem finding the PINTO gathering, but at this point does anyone know where the assembly area is? I plan on Saturday only as i have found that many people leave early on Sunday.
I'm looking for a whole brown or tan interior so i may arrive with my truck and the Pinto behind it. thanx , crossy


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