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Tulsa OK. roll call!!! Who is coming???

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I will be there......... ..Yes...Yes


Geez... so close and yet so far away!!!  I'll be within "spittin' distance" the first part of the week but have committments in Dallas for Friday thru Sunday!  IF anyone is going to be there Thursday evening and there'll be any Pintos to see, I'll head in that direction Thursday and then leave from Tulsa to go to Dallas on Friday.  Dave seems open to people showing up anytime starting Thursday evening so maybe we can connect with him, even if no one else is there yet.  It would be worth the drive if he'd let me take a peek at Geraldine and Jade!
Dwayne :smile:

i will be at hallet all three days and at the car show spectating.78 cruzin wagon isn't show worthy yet though.hope to see lots of pintos. wes

I will be there and everyone definatly PRE-REGISTER!!!


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