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Scott Hamilton:
Dave REALLY know's how to throw a party!
Ask PollyAl - what happens at Dave's STAYs at Daves!
Here's Original74, Pintaro, Pintony, PollyAl & High Horse.. Ohh and Ciara.. Ahh, you'll need to ask Dave about our 'Newest' Member!

so...what about our newest member?  ???

Some of Dave's photos:

We put up a 30x30 tent to gather under. PollyAl brought a large campng tent and Pintaro towed a small camp trailer behind his Pinto!

Of course, a Porta John was in order as well,

PollyAl treated us to games and homemade ice cream Friday night and at the car show on Sunday. Scott looks on as his son cranks.

I think Dave should be in charge of new member recruitment.

That looks like a lot of fun. A lot like what I'd want to do for a local Pinto meet here in Idaho.


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