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Author Topic: PCCA Central regional meet - INFO please!!  (Read 2813 times)

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PCCA Central regional meet - INFO please!!
« on: May 28, 2008, 03:13:59 PM »
Moderators - if this needs to be moved, please do so - my apology, the thread warned me that nobody had posted to it for 30 days, so I started a new thread...

  I am WAY late on this effort, but I am a procrastinator . I am very much wanting to attend this show, though I would not be able to make it until Friday - Sunday. My son (8 years old) is a huge car nut, and this Ford show is a really great opportunity for us to see some great Pintos and Mustangs, both which he is thrilled about.

  I have gone through the Youtube video of the event, and understand what it is mostly about event-wise from day to day. NOW, "Pinto specific", I need to know:

1) Where are the Pinto guys meeting specifically?
2) What days - all? Certain time/day?
3) Who is heading this up - Frank?

 Can someone give me the "rest of the story" for the PCCA group so I can be sure to hook up with you guys? I want to see the other stuff, but the Pintos are my main goal here...and I want to get to know some of the people here in the forum.

If someone wants me to call them, send me a message and I will. PLEASE GUYS, fill me in so I can register and get there. Thanks!

Dallas, TX
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