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2008 PCCA Central Regional Meet, Tulsa, OK

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Pinto enthusiasts,

Please mark your calendars for June 12-15 and plan to attend this years Central Regional Meet in Tulsa, OK.

First and foremost, this is a meet for Pinto enthusiasts. Pinto's from all walks of life; beaters, drivers, projects and show cars. The nucleus of the meet will be hanging together, sharing tech tips, restoration tips, kicking tires and if Pintony is there..telling lies.

Picture this.....on the top of a hill with no trees around, an 8 mile view in any direction, a big tent, smoked barbecue if we are not in a burn ban, cookout, campfire, primitive camping, tent, trailer or local cabins. That's where we can hang out all we want.

I would like to stress this is for EVERYONE, any car, no car, whatever. We need to unite as PCCA first, then those who choose to participate in the car show (details following) with their cars, great. If you don't want to put your car in the show, that is fine too. I don't want anyone who thinks their car is not show worthy to pass up this event. The show is a blast even if you do not have a car in it. Please read on to understand the Ford weekend events, it is really an awesome time.

There is an annual Ford meet that we planned our meet around last year and it was very well accepted and attended.

Please take a few minutes to view the web site of Mid-America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals at:

Please note the schedule from Wednesday through Sunday. There is something, hopefully many things that will get your interest with this show.

As we plan for the Pinto community that attends, keep tuned to this thread.


Dave,I will be there this year and I will PREREGISTER this time.Im doing some work to the greenbean that I think everyone will like.And if not I know I sure

Hey Dave could you be more specific on the cabins? Are they in farely close proximity? I thought I would get a cabin but only if they are like down the hill otherwise I would camp.
 Pintony said we were going to get a surprise visit from the PCCA bikini team. Is he pulling my tailpipe?
I will see you there and I hope to see some other v8 Pintos...Bud-aa..Bam bam...Pop...Bu uuuurrrrrrrrnn nnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am the PCCA Bikini Team....since I got booted from the rubber clothing club I needed a place to land....



--- Quote from: FCANON on March 03, 2008, 05:05:41 PM ---I am the PCCA Bikini Team....since I got booted from the rubber clothing club I needed a place to land....


--- End quote ---

WOW!!! I just got a mental photo....
 Does someone have a RED HOT POKER that I can stick in my eyes?????


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