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2008 PCCA Central Regional Meet, Tulsa, OK

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Oh my goodness, where have we gone? I'll have to talk to mama and see what we can come up with. But, Frank in a bikini?

Pintaro, glad you are coming, can't wait to see what you've done to your car. Also glad to hear you are preregistering .

Now, Frank....rethi nk this please!

HighHorse, check out the cabins at:


They are within walking distance. 

Hey Dave!

I'll be there again this year since it seems like thats the only time my pinto gets driven lol...

Great to hear from you John. I look forward to seeing you again. So no drivey the Pinto, huh? We need to fix that! LOL. I just did a complete brake job on my beater blue driver and a few more things like shocks, hoses, timing belt. Attempting to drive it as much as possible.

Looking forward to a fun meet this year.


For all you Newbies... This show is awesome.
Road Racing events.
Drag Racing.
Car show.
 And For the Pinto Group a  We have a Get together to mingles and talk.
There is NO reason someone should think their car is not worthy to attend..
We like them all Shinny to well used we welcome all Pintos.

I will be giving Prizes At the Saturday Pinto Gathering.


www.PintoWorks .com

 FREE stuff Frank? I like that!!!!

I,ll try to bring some goodies too.
 Free NOS 2.3 cams to anyone who attends or wants them.

Also Free delivery on Pinto parts wanted for the Tulsa show.
 Make your list of NOS or used Pinto parts that you need.
 + I will have a new litter of Dachshunds ready for their forever-homes in june.
 Email for photos. Puppys are due April 10th!!!!
 From Pintony


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