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2008 PCCA Central Regional Meet, Tulsa, OK

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Mike, Al,

We are supposed to have rain Friday morning, hopefully over by the time you all arrive, hope you don't have to drive in it. Maybe you will be on the back side of it as you come this way.

Please ask Al to bring a tarp to put his tent on since the ground will be wet 9having rained, well drained). I have tarps to place under the big tent once it is up to at least give us some dry to walk on.

I hope the carpet laying is going well, nothing like having to put up with Pintony in a bad mood! LOL


   I have a tarp I can bring...thanks for the heads up............ ... ;)


Haven't had the Galaxie out for awhile so Pintony and I fired it up and did a 70 mph lap around the Wichita interbelt....s mooth cruising. Had to get some pics for FordPinto. Antsey to get rolling tommorrow morning.



    1) Where is Pintony?

    2) HH how about somemore pics of that Galaxie!


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