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2008 PCCA Central Regional Meet, Tulsa, OK

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IS this PCCA only.   how much is camping. any one want to car pool from ST louis?

Hey Chez,
 If I were not leaving several days B4 the show I would let you drive 1 of my Pintos to Tulsa.
from Pintony


--- Quote from: Original74 on March 10, 2008, 08:22:16 PM ---Great to hear from you John. I look forward to seeing you again. So no drivey the Pinto, huh? We need to fix that! LOL.
--- End quote ---

The upcoming meet has inspired me to get some work done on the pinto...  :lol:

I ordered a new carb and will hopefully get the engine bay dressed up a bit. Currently going thru the wiring mess that the previous owner made. At the moment I'm trying to source a few parts like a grille and passenger side front marker light. Looks like Fred Morgan will have a grille for me...  ;D

       I still have that hood rod for you....I will bring it with the plastic clips. You can get rid of that bungy cord going to the back bumper... :lol:




--- Quote from: High_Horse on March 16, 2008, 11:29:19 AM ---I still have that hood rod for you
--- End quote ---

Cool! I thought you forgot about me...  ;) Thanx!


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