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Knott's Awards.... Brad.. Need some help, who won what? Did not write it down...

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Ha! Nice Pintony! Thanks a lot man, I had a great time with you and all of the pinto guys at my house. My neighbors the next day thought that they were all of mine! I will be going to Indiana the end of May so I will remember to bring you a Fairlane trunk full of fruit! I also wanted to thank Brad for getting us our own catagory and organizing the breakfast in the morninng before the show! How great is that, next year we can register in the Pinto class!!! Awesome work Brad!!! It was great to meet our fearless leader Scott and all the others that either drove or flew out for the first time. What a great show and what a great community! See every one next year, and Pintony, I'll se you in a month!


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