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To all west costers. Please PM me regarding the Knotts show in April. I would like to get an idea of who will be attending and get your phone number so we can plan events.

I am working on getting some Big name people out to the Knotts show this year. One of them will be Dan Esslinger of Esslinger Engineering. I think I can convince him to bring one of his all Aluminum 3.0 minget motors and some give away parts. The other might be
" Turbo " Joe Morgan. I think I can get him to bring either his 10 sec. Pinto OR his 8 sec Focus wagon with an 2.3 motor in it. I will be working on some other people that I will announce later. Stay tuned......... ............

OK Guys, I received my Fabulous Fords Forever registration in the mail today. If you do not receive one or are not on the mailing list please go to this web site and down load you regestration form.

I guess my registration will takle a few days to travel the 2000+miles to get to me???
 What is the date of the show???
 From Pintony


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