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Well, its official. Please read the email I received from the Ford Committee. Alberto,, I will call you to discuss.

Good News.  At the last Ford Council meeting we added class #19 for Pinto's and Bobcat's.  However, we need a representative from the Club to attend our next Ford Council meeting scheduled for December 1st.
Please let me know the representative s name and address.  We'll be mailing a meeting reminder notice with time and location.
Feel free to call me (714) 282-5323 if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Frank Morales
FFF Council Chairman

Woo Hoo!!!! Way To Go!!!!


That is so kick butt.....
Keeping the club moving forward...


Hey Brad: Congradulation s and a big thank you for all you do  to support our Pintos. Joe in Morgan Hill

Hey Brad,
 I too thank you for all the hard work you do to keep this Pinto group puttering along...
 From Pintony


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