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Hi all,
Threre's been so much chatter about the Carlisle meet that I figured I better put my two cents in.  I started a new topic so it would not interfere with information on the meet itself.  Bill has taken care of making sure we have cars to exhibit, I am in charge of all the other details.  Like the hotel room. 

I booked a room in January with a military rate of $70 per night.  (Thanks Bill for those 20 years) They also offer a number of other discounts,(over 55, AAA, etc). You will have to show proof when you check in. The regular room rate was around $125 the last time I checked.  The prices fluctuate and the discounts come and go depending on how full they are.

Last year we stayed at the Holiday Inn in Carlise and it was very nice. Clean and an overnight security guard who was pretty competent.  They are under new management this year and did not offer a military discount so we voted with our wallets and our feet.  The regular rate was around $140 the last time I checked.

Please post here to compare accomodations and make reccomendation s if you can.  Also, if there is any place to positively avoid, it might be helpful to anyone else still looking for a room.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again!

I am staying at the Motel 6 in Carlisle.It runs about $85 a night,and it is about 5 miles from the show grounds.

Hey Harley, any open rooms at the Motel 6 that you know about? I've got a room at the hotel behind you again,I'm looking to save a couple of bucks.

Message sent.

Yo Harley, got a hold  of Motel 6. They still had rooms open so we're all set. Thanks,see you at Carisle!


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