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2007 Carlisle photos

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phils toys:
Here are the pictures and some info about each
First Thanks to all who helped United Ford Owners Trophies,and other giveaways, Frank at Pintoworks for t shirts (very nice Buy some from  him),Bill and Connie contacting Carlisle and Everyone I missed and do not know about
 :drunk:  Cher's

phils toys:
So far this is not going well I will keep trying  lousey internet at hotel  I think the old dial up was better  :sorry:
phils toys
Ok PCCA Results
Best Modified: Brian - NoForKin Dragster
Best Stock: Phil 71 Mustard Yellow
Best Wagon: Phils toys 76 bobcat
Best sedan: John white sedan
Best in show: Brian  NofoKin Bright Yellow/Green
Old Farts Choice: Connie  orange Charlies angles Hatchback
Picture of cars to come later

phils toys:
Here are the pictures

 That works!!!  Excellant showing!!!! BEAUTIFULL CARS!!!!


  Who is the Keeping the Seventies alive guy??? With the fever thing painted on the wagon panel?





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