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2007 All Ford show at Carlisle

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I did not see a thread on this.

Connie and I are planning to go, but wanted to know who else would/might be going.

We know it won't be a "FordPinto" event, but we hope to see a bunch there.

If there is enough intrest, we are thinking about getting a 'tent' if it is not too late.


UPDATE:      UPDATE:        UPDATE:        UPDATE:       UPDATE:     UPDATE:      

PLEASE support this site and the club (PCCA); when you register, please make sure you state you are with “PCCA”.

As of this update (15 Mar 07), there are 11 Pintos pre-registered, but only 4 that are documented PCCA members.

If you forgot to mention that you are a “PCCA” member when you registered, you CAN update your registration to add “PCCA”, and PCCA will get "credit" for the registration. If you are not sure, please contact Carlisle. This will not cost you anything, but it helps the club. If we have 25 pre-registered members BEFORE May 4th, we get the $150. tent for free. Please do your part.

BTW: No need to have your Pinto "finished" or even "started". Just put a sign on it that states what your plans are for it, and what you have done so far. HEY, you have to get there somehow, right? Why not enter it, get into the show for 3 days, not have to pay extra for parking, and you won't have to walk 5 miles to get back to your car with all the parts you buy at the swap meet.

Also, please post in this thread if you plan to go, and when you register.


Thanks again,

phils toys:
my wife and 3 boys and myself willl be there again
phils toys

Hey Bill,
 I thought the group decided that we were going to have 3 regional Pinto sponsered meets on the odd years and a National event on the even years???
 From Pintony

I thought that too, but I am just thinking about the Carlisle event itself; If others were planning to go. Last year we had a good showing, but I am sure some or most of that was due to 'our' event. If we can get a similar amount of Pintos, and maybe a few new people from intrest we generated last year, we could all split the cost of a tent.

Connie and I can/will "chair" the event if there is an intrest from the club (again, if we are not too late to do it).

We will be there with 2 Pintos again. Now with the V8 car, the only issue for us is what two.

We have 3 confirmed Pintos to be at Carlisle. Hey, that's 20% of last year so far.


Hey Bill,you can count on me and maybe 4 other Pintos from Columbus,Ohio.You need to get with 68cyclone about the tent.He told me that he might or would rent a tent.Either way i will help pay for it.Now how far from Shelton,Conn do you and Connie live.I might be up there the week before Carlisle.If i am maybe we could join up and caravan over to Carlisle.If you need any help with getting things set up let me know.See you then,Harley.


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