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Tulsa Central Pinto Meet Pics....High_Horse Camera

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Throughout the day today I will be posting pics from my camera. Stay tuned!!!!
We meet up and prep to leave Wichita.
CookieBoy,PollyAl and Pintony (Pintony ponders why the Ad-butt-ment is the same color as his shirt)
CookieBoy and his rig.


  It looks like you caught Pintony's good side.  :look:

  I enjoyed the pics on the other thread...  looking forward to more of your pics.  I hated to miss Sat and Sun, but Polly ran super back to Wichita. The Mrs and I enjoyed the K.C. Symphony on the Prairie Saturday.


Al although you participation was limited Polly was glad to snake the cobras I'm sure. Thanks for doing what you could.
High_Horse, PollyAl and Pintony.
Polly leads the convoy easily doing 70. Her mph was later calculated at 22.

I must share some thanks to Pintony and Cookieboy with the wider Pinto family.

Tony, thanks bundles for the tailgate weather stripping. It brings the new paint job that much closer.

Cookieboy, thanks for the "sharpie tip."  As directed, I used the silver metalic sharpie pen to "Paint" the aged chrome edges of the instrument panel plastic parts.  It was the major finishing touch needed on Polly's dash.


Happy to help PollyAl was great meeting you. I must say I'm impressed... Purchaced your car new and still on the road and driving... Impressive!!


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