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Tulsa Central Pinto Meet Pics....High_Horse Camera

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PollyAl hobknobs with some Mopar guys that were interested in the Pinto collection.

We finally connect with the West Coast guys...Tom,Pintony,PintoPower,PollyAl,High_Horse and CookieBoy.

We finally make it over to Original74's place and the Pintos abound.

Pintaro and TulsaTurbo show up and really and really make a long line of Pintos.
Turbos is the BlueGreen runabout in front and Pintaros is the IvyYellow wagon farther back.

Darn if it wasn't irresistable to get a group shot of the cars before the show.

its like a pinto dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As with any good Pinto guys at a Shelby/Mustang/Ford show...We were first in line!!!!
It does not show it in this picture but the final staging position was behind the lead event Mustang in front of the Marriot Hotel...and who were the first cars in front of the half mile line. Thats right...THE P.C.C.A. We were cool!!!


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