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Tulsa Central Pinto Meet Pics....High_Horse Camera

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--- Quote from: Pintopower on June 22, 2007, 01:53:03 AM ---Oh, and while in Arizona I met a guy in a red 78 sedan. I guess he is a guest on here but I gave him a card and he is going to join!

--- End quote ---

I wonder if that was my old red 78 being driven by my uncle.  By chance was this in Tucson, and was his name Mike?  Just curious.


CookieBoy took the second prize for best project potential. He certainly deserved this, the applause was deafening.

High_Horse, actually my plaques and awards were for peoples choice (unfortunatly I can't remember what exactly the peoples choice was, favorite pinto perhaps, something like that I thought) and "Most Miles Traveled" cause I came to Tulsa by way of Tony's and then your place at 1693 miles traveled. Thanks for posting the pictures, I don't have one of me receiving the awards.

Dave, do you still have the results of the voting and awards? and can you post them up? I remember most but not all and could use the info for a scrap book I'll never have the time to do  ;D


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