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PCCA Awards at the Central Regional Meet

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As has been customary, we held our own awards contest among PCCA members. Our plaques were handcrafted by Frank Canon of PintoWorks, our official PCCA shirt and garment supplier. Frank did an awesome job laying out and custom laser etching wood plaques, even to the detail of staining to PCCA colors. I will try to get a closeup of one of the plaques.

Peoples Choice went to Cookieboy in his beautiful freshly restored red sedan sporting hot pants.

Farthest traveled also went to Cookieboy. One would think that the cars from CA traveled the farthest, but Cookieboy topped them based on the route he drove.

Most Inspiring Project went to Thomas and his blue car, the three week restoration. Awesome job in such a short timeframe.

Dave's wife helped out with the following questions and fun.

Most time spent in your car in the last 4 days:

  Winner: Alberto with 2 days and 1 hour
  Runner Up: Thomas with 48 hours

Prize: PCCA wall clock

How many drinks have you had in your car in the past four days?

  WInner: Alberto with 20
  Runner Up: High Horse with 4

Prize: PCCA mug

Who has the most food in their car right now?

  Winner: Pintony, with frog legs. He will have to explain that one!
  Runner Up: High Horse with unknown crumbs

Prize: PCCA mouse pads


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