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PCCA Awards at the Central Regional Meet

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Who has the most keys on their Pinto key ring right now?

  Winner: Racer X with 8
  Runner Up: Thomas

Prize: Dave donated the Pinto survival key, the one with feeler gauge, screw driver, etc.

The missing picture below is in the spirit of Racer X. You'll just have to ask someone who was here! All in good fun.

Host Prize (Dave and Cindy gave this one)

Who has put the most miles on their car from June 1, 2006 to June 1, 2007?

  Winner: High Horse with 10,000

Prize: Dave sought a set of 5 1/4 inch Treo speakers donated by Boomers Audio in Tulsa.

The PintoWorks family, Frank, his lovely wife Denise and their three children gave their PintoWorks family choice award.

  Winner: Geraldine

Prize: PintoWorks custom plaque.

Many thanks to Scott Hamilton for supplying the PCCA awards for the above. Scott is our webmaster and does an awesome job of keeping our site functional and looking good!

Whats with that Orange car ...every time your taking a pic theres some Hotty next to it....



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