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Here is the info for the Tulsa Meet Daily scheudle

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so.... this means we had better pre-register if we want to have a place specified for the PCCA and our Pinto's


all that gather at Dave's on Sunday with their cars will all drive in together, not pre-register and be placed "in another part of the parking lot with the other people that show up on Sunday."

The only problem I see here is that some will pre-register (I would guess Dave, Pintony, myself and others not mentioned) could end up parking seperate from the people who show up last minute and don't pre-register.

So the next question would be... is there a way to get a block of space for the PCCA and encourage all with plans to go to pre-register as well as having extra space to add the late entries so all the PCCA people can be together?

Is anyone going to/already asked this question of David Apgar - Event Coordinator? Only one person should be incharge of or be the contact person asking this question. Dave, Pintony, others... doesn't matter who but we need to be organized about this.

When is the deadline for pre-register?

Cost to pre-register?

Hey guys. I plan in pre-reg. for the show. Myself and two other guys from out here will be caravaning to the show (3 pintos). Myself and one of the other guys plans on going to the open track on the 3 days prior to the show. Do any of you plan on doing a bit of road racing? Should I register now or do the same day? I am inclined to do it now. Keep me posted.

Ok, well, my two buddies and I are preregistering now. 3 pintos for the show, of which 2 are going to open track at Hallet. Any one else racing? Ill see you all there. My dad asked me to drop off some fruit to you Pintony!

Odds are I will be racing all weekend. All it takes is a little Ethanol.



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