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Here is the info for the Tulsa Meet Daily scheudle

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Pintopower, Origional74 (Dave) had this to say back on the 15th about the show on Sunday...

Re: Click here for the latest information on this 2007 Meet!
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The times I have shown at this show, guys just start lining up early Sunday morning, first come, first served. We could all meet at my house and drive over all at once. The show is about 5 miles west of my house on good roads.

Which to me sounds like no pre-registration required if we just all show up on Sunday. However according to the email Pintony received pre-registered cars will be parked in a different location than unregistered cars. This could be interesting... .

I don't plan on participating in any of the events except the car show on Sunday and from what I could see there is no pre-registration for just the car show. You do however get in free if you are pre-registered for other events. Otherwise looks like a $30 fee to participate in the car show without pre-registration.

My plans at this point are to leave home and head to Pintony's. The two of us will hopefully head to High_horse's and meet up with him and PollyAl and travel to Tulsa together if time and travel plans permit.

I haven't pre-registered and am waiting for the official word on what the plans are at this point.

has anyone pre-registered yet?

   I just talked to High_Horse on the phone. We are not preregistered, but we do have firm plans to depart for Tulsa on Thursday morning the 14th. I guess we have the responsibility to be the official  :rolleye: Wichita delegation. I personally can only stay in Tulsa until Friday evening.
   I am looking forward to Driving Polly on her biggest road trip since August of '04 (when she visited her old home in Coffeyville).  By Hillbilly standards, she's roadworthy ...and she is sure to make other Pintos in our little procession from Wichita to Tulsa look pretty good. It is true that "shiny is good," but shiny is in her past ...and hopefully in her future.  In June, I'm likely to hear in the back of my head those familiar words of my wife, "Air conditioning would have only cost $400.00 more!"
   Cookieboy, I hope you can still make it to Wichita.  I've suggested to High_Horse that we travel the scenic route through Winfield and Caney, KS and Bartlesville OK.  Looking forward to meeting you.


Hey PollyAl,

I too hope I make it to Wichita for the Pinto convoy, looking forward to meeting you and High_Horse. Pintony wants to see the Dodge event on Friday so I'm sure we are going to be in Tulsa on Thursday. I hope we can leave for High_Horse's on Wednesday and then we'll be there with plenty of time to depart on Thursday morning.

Awe man! Well, I will be joining you all for the convoy in the morning. We did preregister though, I figure it is better to be cetain that after driving 1500 miles, we can actually show the cars! We will be arriving on the 13th.


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