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Here is the info for the Tulsa Meet Daily scheudle

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Pintopower... sounds like we'll have a 7 Pinto convoy invading the Cobra's  :o

I didn't register as Dave said... "The times I have shown at this show, guys just start lining up early Sunday morning, first come, first served. We could all meet at my house and drive over all at once. The show is about 5 miles west of my house on good roads." So I hope all works out. I have sent an email requesting an answer to this question...

"Is it possible for all the PCCA members that pre-register to have a spot
for us to park our Pinto's together? and what about the late comers who
don't make the pre-registration and attend last minute? can anything be done
so we can stay together as a group?"

I didn't get an answer so I'll resend the question today and post any response I get.

Here is the response I got...

The people that pre-register or register for the event and registered their
car for the show can park together in the Special Interest 1966  and Up
Class.  The people that are planning to go to the two tracks and register to
get in can register their cars for the show then also.

If the PCCA wants to park in the "Pool Area" on Sunday that would be fine

David Apgar
Event Coordinator

I'm assuming the "Pool Area" is for people who show up the day of the show. I'm not sure so I sent another email to confirm that. Also I "think" it's $30.00 to participate if not pre-registered and so I asked for conformation on the cost too.

and the answer to the final question I had....

Yes, Those that show up on Sunday morning and pay $30 to show their car will
be in the "Pool Area" 
David Apgar
Event Coordinator


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