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Dave's Pics from the Tulsa Central Meet

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Sorry guys, I have been buried at work since the meet and have been remiss in getting my pics posted.

Here you go. My fabulous wife Cindy did us right with pics. These are pretty much in chronological order of the weekend. Hope you enjoy.

Here's Alberto's beautiful California cruiser. What do you think of the theme he has going on with the blue painters tape? Actually the three cars that drove from CA used this as paint preservation.

This is three of the four cars that arrived from Wichita, KS. In front is Pintony's '72, then Cookieboy's red '72 followed by HighHorse's wagon, the battleship as we called it. I guess we missed getting a pic of PollyAl in his '74 wagon. PollyAl boght his car new in 1974 and is still driving it. That has to be just one in a few of us!

Cookieboy trailered from 3 hours north of Minneapolis, MN  down to Pintony's in IL, then the two of them trailered to Wichita KS where they picked up HighHorse and PollyAl. The four of hem traveled from Wichita to Tulsa.

I was proud to host a few meals at my home for the guys. it was the least I could do for everyone who participated. This was Friday night. I think Alberto ate 3 burgers that night!

We cleaned cars, put grilles back on, removed blue tape, removed residue from blue tape, ate and just had a great time well into the night.

There's my Geraldine on the right with Pintony's green 'Rollin' in my Pinto' ride.


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