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Dave's Pics from the Tulsa Central Meet

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The tan '76 Runabout is my project car with my beater '79 driver behind it.

Here's TulsaTurbo's green car followed ny Pintaro's wagon. TulsaTurbo is local to Tulsa. This was the maiden voyage of this green beauty since he bought it last fall. He went to KS to pick this car up the same weekend I went to MN to pick up my blue '79 last September. Pintaro and his lovely wife Roni drove over from the Oklahoma City area. This was the first time I had met these guys. I look forward to seeing them again.

This is Thomas's 3 week restoration! You would not believe the work the CA team put into rebuilding this car in three weeks. This car just made me drool, it is beautiful. It looks so simple and clean compared to my cars. That's Thomas squatting, Pintony talking (as usual!) and TulsaTurbo John standing.

This gorgeous wagon drove from CA! This is a purple beauty...if purple is your color, Pintony! This car is a new acquisition by Racer X, someone we had to protect the identity of. I think his wife didn't know he was driving to OK! (just a joke). This beauty has a custom interior that is to die for. The fellow who did the upholstery does Lear Jets, so you can figure out how nice it is!

The group of cars pretty much filled up my driveway and both sides of my street. My neighbors were quite tolerant of us!


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