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Dave's Pics from the Tulsa Central Meet

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Here's Pintaro and his lovely wife Roni. Mike owns 9 Pinto's! We can't wait to see his Pinto/Ranchero (thus Pintaro). This is a nice wagon, I think a '75.

Here's another shot of Racer X's purple CA wagon before cleaning.

hate to cut in but, we can't leave PollyAl out... here's one of my pictures with the 4 of us that came from Wichita with PollyAl's little red wagon  ;D

Edit...thanks for posting the pic of Al's car. My wife missed him.

Here's John, TulsaTurbo with his new Pinto on it's maiden voyage away from home. She did fine!

This is Thomas with his three week restoration. What a beauty! He got this thing running one night and headed from CA to Tulsa the next day. Now that's confidence in your work! And in a Pinto!


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