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Attention:  Please see the two links below for all the information on this meet!

2007 is here and it is time to begin planning attendance to one of the PCCA Regional Meets. This year, you will have three choices instead of one! This should make it easier to plan attendance to a meet closer to you. Or, attend them all!

The 2007 Central Regional Meet will be held in Tulsa, OK on June 14-17, in conjunction with the 33rd Annual Mid-America Ford Performance and Shelby Meet. Follow the link below to see all the attractions for this show.  This is the official show link.  This is the pre-registration form link. Please look at this link as it has ALL the details along with discount hotel rate information.

I have attended this show twice in the past few years. It has a lot of activities for varied interests, open road racing if you so desire, a banquet, 1/4 mile track racing, swap meet and car show. If there is enough interest, I will host an Oklahome style smokin' barbecue at my home.

Let me know if you are interested in attending and I will help with any arrangements.

I will be there .... I will even try to bring the old Blue Car to Tulsa....


Let me see........whe re is my Pinto calender...... ..hmmmm....fre e, ok!!!!
I'll be there!!! June 14th-17th


Unless an emergency comes up, I'll be there. This gives me a reason to work on it now and make it, at the very least, presentable  :amazed:

Hello Dave,
 I have looked at the photos and I "2nd" the nomination to have the 2007 Mid-West Pinto meet at this lo-cal.
Looks like a GREAT place to in-vade the Cobras!!! ;D

From Pintony


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