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--- Quote ---Looks like a GREAT place to in-vade the Cobras!!!
--- End quote ---
    Very well put!!!!!!!!!


Hey Tony,

Come on down! With that new van and trailer, you have no excuse! LOL Would love to see you make it. Hope it fits your schedule.


I will definatly have to drive the GreenBean out to show my support.She could use a paint job,but it aint too bad.If i could get my son to slow down long enough to show me I would post pictures.

Tulsa is close enough for me to go. What fees ar involved? Any to get into the show and park my '74 wagon there with all you guys?

What No Pinto Rancha Roo?

Looking good guys dont forget to spread the word to the other Pintos owners and freinds... this being the first year for a central meet , it will take a little more leg works and word of mouth.



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