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Central Meet Results....14 Pinto's! Read On!

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What a success!!!

We had an impressive showing of 14 Pinto's at the Central Regional PCCA Meet in Tulsa. Not all of them were together at one time due to time constraints, but what an impressive showing! Tulsa hasn't seen 14 Pinto's since the close of the 1980 model year at a Ford dealership.

I have to say this was absolutely the best time I have had with the Pinto community. We had 7 cars at the Ford Performance and Shelby Meet on Sunday. Fun was had all weekend, including road racing, eating, a little wrenching, more eating, cleaning, shining, more eating, car show and more eating.

I believe the Regional Meets were a success this year. As best I can tally, we got something like 58 cars together in 2007.

My personal thanks from myself and my wife to all those who supported this event in Tulsa. We learned a lot and will only improve in years to come. We will be posting pictures soon and probably cause Scott great misery in the server storage area.

Thanks again to all, more later.


********** Attendees for Tulsa Meet ***********

High Horse (KS)       1 car
Original74  (OK)       4 cars
FCANON (OK)            no car
Pintony (IL)           1 car
Cookieboy (MN)        1 car
Pintaro (OK)          1 car
Alberto (CA)      1 car
Thomas (CA)          1 car
Mario (CA)        1 car
PolyAl  (KS)          1 car
TulsaTurbo (OK)        1 car
Travis  (OK)           1 car (Gerard's car)

  I will be attending...Hi gh_Horse #226 (Darn I hope I can find that sticker) I would like to go to the Flat track/swapmeet...The dragstrip/swapmeet...The Mopar digout...Daves house...Pinto drive...Car show. Plan on arriving Thursday around noon.



I'm there too. pcca # 406

I will be arriving on Thrusday and staying at the KOA the 14th thru 17th.

I'll be bringing my car and as for interest/participation - car show on Sunday, as for the rest I just plan on going with the flow.

side note : A friend of mine (Bob Edwards) will be in Texas picking up a new cube van on Friday and at this point may be joining the fun Friday night. Doesn't have a Pinto but does have a 69 Mustang (restored - not bringing) and a big Ford nut. He wants to attend the swap meet, he's not confirmed yet but will most likely attend too.

Original 74,
  I plan on driving down on saturday night or sunday wife has relitives in Tulsa to stay with.If everyone is still meeting at your house on sunday morning I need to know your address and phone number and a time to be there.
I will be driving the green bean.
                                     thanks Mike.


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