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Central Meet Results....14 Pinto's! Read On!

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Where are you coming from? Something makes me think Springfield, MO???


Oklahoma City

   I'm planning to join the Tulsa fun Thursday and Friday.  If Cookieboy and Pintony travel to Wichita Wednesday, I plan to drive Polly in a little parade with them and High_Horse on Thursday morning.  I think the group plan is to go by way of I-35 and US-412.  If Cookieboy and Pintony by-pass Wichita, High_Horse and I will go cross country.

   I'm interested in visiting with the "Pinto family" the two days I'm there.  Cruizin' sounds good; the Mopar dig-up would be good to see also.

   My wife has agreed to these two days of unsupervised adventure as a Father's Day present.  (She cares about me so much, she bought me an AAA membership!) 


Dave, Mario will be there too. We are racing at Hallet tomorrow if any of you guys will be there.


I received a call from Alberto Wednesday evening. The three cars from CA have made landfall in Indian Territory! They were about 30 miles shy of Tulsa and heading to the road track Thursday morning.

At this point, I believe Cookieboy hooked up with Pintony and they drove to Wichita to pick up HighHorse and PollyAl.

The Pinto's are coming! The Pinto's are coming! Tulsa will be glad to see this, I think they are getting tired of seeing just mine!



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