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Central Meet Results....14 Pinto's! Read On!

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Scott Hamilton:
WOW!  Fantastic!!!!!

Way to go Dave and everyone!

Post the 'inside' stories... (if you can) hint hint....

Post lots and lots of pictures..

if any of you went to the drags post your times

Here's you an inside story Scott...

While attending the Knott's Western meet, I met Pintopower (Alberto). He was most enthusiastic about my Jade. His most curios question was this....'Dave, what does a new Pinto smell like?'. He was born the year they stopped making Pinto's, so that was an interesting question from him. Not only did he get to smell what a new Pinto smells like, he got to feel what a new Pinto drives like. He had such enthusiasm that I insisted he 'exercise' her a couple miles. All he could say was 'Oh my god.....oh my god...'

The meet was fantastic. We all got to see Gerards car that now lives 40 miles south of Tulsa and encouraged Travis to join us online. That was a treat. We also met Tulsa Turbo who brought his car over on it's maiden voyage, the first time he has driven it since he brought it home from Kansas last fall.

Oh man, and Frank did a fabulous job on custom making wooden laser engraved plaques for us. We will post results and pics soon.


Quite a few of us went to the drags, but our only time was 6 hours in the sun and a sunburn to prove it! LOL

None of the Pinto's hit the quarter mile but Pintopower and Thomas drove their cars on the Hallett road course on Thursday and had a blast. I hope they can post some pics of that. They are headed back to CA today on a liesurely drive hitting as much of Route 66 as they can. The mother road will never be the same!


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